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    2. How New Guidelines Can Help Corporate Boards Confront A Turbulent Future

      How New Guidelines Can Help Corporate Boards Confront A Turbulent Future
      Changes to the traditional board/management dynamic may be necessary if corporations are to successfully confront increasing uncertainty and manage greater societal expectations.Thats the core message offered by the National Association of Corporate Directors, in its newly released principles, A Framework for Governing into the Future. The estimable thought leadership organization promotes a more substantial platform for corporate governance to address a global environment that more and more appears ...
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    1. This year's event will introduce a new and exciting format that will encourage a rigorous debate of the topic and generate practical actions or initiatives which have the potential to change the face of corporate boards throughout biotech
      In Leaders Target Biotech Boardroom Diversity at Liftstream Annual Forum
    2. It's not politically correct anymore to oppose putting women on corporate boards, even in Japan.
      In It's Not Demand Holding Women Back From Joining Japan's Boards
    3. To defend the constitutionality of this bill, it would not appear to be enough to simply cite statistics showing that women are grossly underrepresented on corporate boards.
      In Can California’s New Boardroom Diversity Law Withstand Courtroom Backlash?