1. Conflict of Interest

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  2. Quotes about Conflict of Interest

    1. Based upon the potential for a conflict of interest resulting from the Company's ownership of limited partnership interests in the Purchaser, the Independent Directors unanimously voted to recommend that the Board express no opinion and remain neutral with respect to the Offer.
      In How Wall Street Enabled A Controversial Power Grab At A Wannabe Berkshire Hathaway
    2. There is not a short supply of narcissism amongst executives and they will take pains to preserve their own power, which may be a conflict of interest with the wider shareholder base.
      In Clash of the Egos: When Boardroom Bust-ups Derail Deals
    3. It is a conflict of interest and it's a conflict of interest that needs to be managed transparently and openly.
      In Sister of California Gov. Jerry Brown on SoCalGas board