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    2. 6 Ways Company Boards Should Prepare for Climate Risk

      6 Ways Company Boards Should Prepare for Climate Risk
      With risk, the writing is always on the wall. We know the storm will eventually come, yet in most cases when the storm hits leaders are questioned about why they didnt take more efforts to plan for a response, build resiliency into their operating models, and proactively avoid risks by creating environments that diminish them...
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    1. ConocoPhillips will benefit from Ms. Devine's broad range of expertise in management and international affairs within our industry, as well as from her government experience and service on other public company boards.
      In ConocoPhillips Appoints Caroline Maury Devine to its Board of Directors
    2. The Board is delighted to announce this Board leadership succession. Sue's substantial management experience as former Chief Executive of Petrochemicals for BP, and her experience with public company Boards, make her an ideal candidate for this role.
      In Cabot Corporation Announces Board of Directors Changes
    3. The Governance Center aims to methodically isolate specific stakeholders' expectations of public company boards and analyze the gaps among those stakeholders.
      In Report: Proxy Advisors Largely See Board Director’s Role Through Split, Segmented Lens