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    2. Chevron Execs Capture Big Pay Raises, CEO Pay is $33 Million

      Chevron Execs Capture Big Pay Raises, CEO Pay is $33 Million
      SAN RAMON Chevrons top boss captured a big increase in his executive pay during 2019, according to a regulatory filing on Tuesday. Michael Wirth, Chevrons chief executive officer, was awarded $33.1 million in compensation in 2019, which was up 60 percent from his pay levels of $20.6 million in 2018, a company filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission shows...
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    1. Companies like Chevron, Occidental and Exxon Mobil are all capable of doing this kind of deal, so the Permian and Eagle Ford assets will be an easy sale.
      In BHP Hires Barclays, Citi for U.S. Shale Gas Divestment
    2. Debbie brings a tremendous depth of business leadership to Chevron's boardroom through her decades of experience with regulated utilities in California and with major energy infrastructure projects.
      In Debra Reed-Klages Elected to Chevron's Board of Directors
    3. The combination with Chevron is a compelling opportunity to join an admired global, diversified energy leader with a top-tier balance sheet and strong shareholder returns.
      In Chevron Announces Agreement to Acquire Noble Energy | Business & Finance | heraldchronicle.com