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    2. MSCI Outlines ESG Factors, Risks That Investors Should Focus On

      MSCI Outlines ESG Factors, Risks That Investors Should Focus On
      An analysis by MSCI ESG Research noted 32 factors and risks that institutional investors and companies should consider for 2023 and beyond when evaluating the space.The risk considerations were split into seven different categories: changing corporate governance, responses to regulation, supply chain innovation, work life changes, turning points for ESG assets, expansions in emissions tracking and new types of investments in ESG...
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    3. Disney’s Board Needs Some Magic

      Disney’s Board Needs Some Magic
      Bob Iger has a knack for head-faking his way out the door. Last month hereturnedto lead Walt Disney(DIS.N)with a primary task: find a replacement. Keeping him on point is going to require a stronger board. Iger served as chief executive of the $175 billion media giant from 2005 until 2020. He, like all CEOs, was meant to groom a successor. Instead, he postponed his exit four times ...
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    1. The one advantage of having them separated is if you get a mediocre CEO it is a lot easier to do something about it if you've got a separate chairman.
      Warren Buffett in Warren Buffett And CalSTRS Agree On Brian Moynihan's Performance At Bank Of America
    2. What I hear our CEO telling us is that some tough decisions will need to be made soon.
      In 3 Ways To Keep Your Board From Getting Bored
    3. The tender offer is an aggressive entrenchment move aimed at enabling the CEO to use the shareholders' money to gain control over the company.
      In How Wall Street Enabled A Controversial Power Grab At A Wannabe Berkshire Hathaway