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    2. Caremark Developments and the Imperative of Regular Risk Review

      Caremark Developments and the Imperative of Regular Risk Review
      Every day, the litigation environment reinforces the imperative for boards of directors to regularly review key enterprise risks. In a recently filed complaint, stockholders of NiSource, Inc, a natural gas supplier, sued to hold the companys directors liable for breach of fiduciary duty arising out of a tragic 2018 pipeline accident that caused one fatality, multiple injuries, and mass evacuations. Alleging that the NiSource board disregarded numerous red flags evidencing ...
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    1. When a plaintiff can plead an inference that a board has undertaken no efforts to make sure it is informed of a compliance issue intrinsically critical to the company's business operation, then that supports an inference that the board has not made the good faith effort that Caremark requires.
      In Caremark Liability for Regulatory Compliance Oversight