1. capital allocation

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  2. Quotes about capital allocation

    1. We will continue to focus on evaluating various capital allocation initiatives, an update to which we plan to provide on our third-quarter earnings call.
      Marissa Mayer in Yahoo CEO Mayer in Familiar Hot Seat Amid Starboard Push
    2. We believe that the stock price does not reflect the quality of Valeant's franchises and future cash flows, and the business development, capital allocation and operating abilities of its management team.
      In Bill Ackman's Biggest Stock Holding is Getting Hammered
    3. For seven months, we've extensively reviewed the proposed dual-class structure, as well as other capital allocation strategies, and concluded that continuing to execute our strategy and adhering to our current disciplined capital allocation framework is the best path to deliver increased value.
      In David Einhorn's terrible idea could not have come at a worse time for Gm (GM)