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    2. ISS Rules for New Campbell Board Members

      ISS Rules for New Campbell Board Members
      Given the boards subpar oversight of critical issues such as MA and succession planning, shareholders may wonder whether the incumbent board is capable of steering Campbell back on track in a timely manner, says ISS in the ruling. Campbell returned about 19% to shareholders over the last two years, while the SP 500 has nearly tripled. At one point Loeb proposed replacing all 12 board members, but he backed off ...
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    1. Other states have followed along with California's movement. I would expect that if it indeed stands up to legal challenges, other states will follow along.
      In California Law on Company Boards Spotlights Deep Challenges
    2. We are pleased that this attempt by Allergan in the California litigation to delay the special meeting was not successful.
      In Federal Court Denies Allergan Bid To Speed Insider Trading Suit
    3. Valeant and Pershing Square believe that Allergan's claims and request for relief in the California litigation are entirely without merit and will ultimately be rejected.
      In Allergan Reaches Truce With Suitors On Special Shareholder Meeting