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    1. I believe the best path forward for Caesars requires a thorough strategic process to sell or merge the company to further develop its already strong regional presence, which will allow Caesars to continue to take advantage of the Caesars Rewards program bringing more and more players into Caesars' Vegas market.
      In Breaking News: Caesars to Add 3 Board Directors in New Deal with Carl Icahn
    2. Denise is a well-respected and experienced corporate leader with a proven track record of success throughout her career across a variety of areas, including technology and global operations, which are important to Caesars as we move forward.
      In Caesars Entertainment Appoints Denise M. Clark To Board Of Directors
    3. As we continue to execute on the technology transformation of Caesars Entertainment, we have focused on developing scalable platforms that can readily take advantage of growth opportunities and allow us to bring the Caesars experience efficiently to new markets.
      In Caesars Entertainment Appoints Denise M. Clark To Board Of Directors