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    2. Judge Nixes Nutrisystem Bylaw on Removing Board Directors

      Judge Nixes Nutrisystem Bylaw on Removing Board Directors
      DOVER, Del. (AP) -- A Delaware judge has voided a bylaw amendment adopted by directors of weight-loss company Nutrisystem Inc. regarding removal of board members. Ruling in a lawsuit brought by a Nutrisystem shareholder who claimed company directors were trying to entrench themselves, the judge said Tuesday that the bylaw amendment violates Delawareapos;s General Corporation Law...
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    1. While our bylaws and corporate governance guidelines do not require that our chairman and chief executive officer positions be separate, the board believes that having separate positions and having an independent outside director serve as chairman is the appropriate leadership structure at this time.
      In The Age of the Activist Investor: Do Corporate Boards need to be more Independent?
    2. The majority stockholder has the raw voting power to do that to amend the bylaws, but it is somewhat unusual to amend a bylaw to require a unanimous vote of the board.
      In Redstone Amends Viacom Bylaws to Gain Veto on Paramount Sale
    3. We'll be working with companies that received majority votes to incorporate these proposals into corporate bylaws and advancing our strategy to roll this reform out across the market.
      In Efforts to Give Shareholders More Say on Corporate Boards May Be Gaining Traction