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    2. Disney Furloughs 100,000 Workers While Top Executives Will Still Get Big Bonuses

      Disney Furloughs 100,000 Workers While Top Executives Will Still Get Big Bonuses
      The Walt Disney Company is a nearly 100-year-old giant global conglomerate, including holdings in theme parks, hotels, film studios, television stations (such as ESPN) and numerous other properties. Disney announced this week that it willfurlough roughly 100,000 employees, representing about 50% of the companys employees...
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    1. However, this story raises an interesting question as to whether high executive bonuses are coming to an end.
      In Nissan Boss Quits as Carlos Ghosn Pay Scandal Deepens
    2. The board looks at several factors when determining executive bonuses, including safety, customer satisfaction, financial metrics and long-term share price performance. The executive team, led by Alan, did an outstanding job on achieving the group's key objectives.
      In Qantas (ASX: Qan) Boss Takes Pay Cut to $10.9 Million
    3. Annual bonus levels are lower than in the other regions for both the CEO and CFO, as bonuses are regulated in China and some senior executives in family-run businesses are also major shareholders of the company.
      In Incentive Pay Makes Top US CEOs and CFOs Best Paid in World, According to First-Ever Global 250 Compensation Survey