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    2. Today’s Tech Founders Don’t Just Own the Company. They’re Also Getting Huge Pay Packages.

      Today’s Tech Founders Don’t Just Own the Company. They’re Also Getting Huge Pay Packages.
      Archer Aviation Inc. is years from producing its only planned product, a four-passenger electric air taxi that the main U.S. regulator hasnt yet certified. It hasnt generated any revenue. Still, the co-founders of this three-year-old company got a huge payday last month, a $99 million special stock award that stands to quadruple if Archer hits other milestonesthanks to a compensation package they negotiated before it listed publicly on Sept ...
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    1. However, this story raises an interesting question as to whether high executive bonuses are coming to an end.
      In Nissan Boss Quits as Carlos Ghosn Pay Scandal Deepens
    2. The board looks at several factors when determining executive bonuses, including safety, customer satisfaction, financial metrics and long-term share price performance. The executive team, led by Alan, did an outstanding job on achieving the group's key objectives.
      In Qantas (ASX: Qan) Boss Takes Pay Cut to $10.9 Million
    3. While we are confident that Delta will recover quickly once the country comes through the pandemic, the payment of special bonuses to management while the airline is still burning cash is premature and inappropriate.
      In Delta Hands Out Bonuses to Managers Whose Pay Was Cut in the Pandemic