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    2. Vodafone CEO Takes $1.6 Million Bonus Cut After Share Slide

      Vodafone CEO Takes $1.6 Million Bonus Cut After Share Slide
      The move heads off a potential showdown with investors at the companys annual shareholder meeting on July 23. Institutional Shareholder Services, one of the most influential proxy advisers, had recommended that Vodafone shareholders reject the companys remuneration report. Vodafones decision reflects growing scrutiny over high executive pay...
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    1. Banks that have not received a RBI query seem to be better off in having the bonus approved.
      In RBI keeps private banks waiting on bonus payment to top executives
    2. I would like to thank you for the contribution you have made to get Xstrata to this point of the merger and am pleased to inform you that you have been awarded a transaction bonus.
      In Xstrata Paid Bonuses in December for Glencore Takeover
    3. Luther said he never asked for such a bonus to take a job, and was never offered one:
      In Golden Hellos Surge as CEOs Get Signing Jumbo Bonuses