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    2. Time is Running Out for Yahoo's Board

      Beginning today and continuing through March 26th, shareholders of Yahoo will be able to submit their slate of candidates for the companys board of directors. Although Yahoo hopes to avoid a proxy contest at its Annual Meeting this summer, such a contest may be inevitable if a sale of the internet giant hasnt occurred by then. Following AOLs sale to Verizonlast June,Yahoos shareholders, led by activist investor Starboard Value ...
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    3. BoardProspects Announces New Partner -- "Conference Executive Board"

      BoardProspects Announces New Partner -- "Conference Executive Board"
      BoardProspects is excited to announce that Conference Executive Board, Inc. (NYSE: CEB) as one of our new "Partners". CEB is a best practice insight and technology company with more than 30 years of experience working with top companies to share, analyze, and apply proven practices. Every year CEB equips over 20,000 senior leaders from more than 10,000 organizations across 110 countries with the intelligence they need to respond ...
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    4. Toshiba, McDonald's Japan Booted from 'Good Governance' Index

      Toshiba, McDonald's Japan Booted from 'Good Governance' Index
      Tokyo (AFP) - Scandal-hit Toshiba and McDonald's Japan were on Friday booted from a stock index launched to highlight firms with the best return on equity and other shareholder friendly criteria. The shuffle comes as Toshiba grapples with a crisis that exposed a pattern of top executives pressuring underlings to inflate profits by about $1.2 billion since the 2008 global financial crisis...
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    1. PwC's Center for Board Governance has an unmatched breadth and depth of expertise in governance that we apply for the benefit of companies and their shareholders, the capital markets and as part of PwC's commitment to quality.
      In PwC Names Mary Ann Cloyd to Lead its Center for Board Governance
    2. If you look at the modern thought process around board governance, the title of chair is not the key.
      Brian Moynihan in BofA CEO Calls Board Decision on Chairman ‘Right Thing To Do’
    3. We take our responsibilities with regard to corporate governance very seriously particularly in areas such as executive pay, board governance, employee diversity, audit management and relations with external stakeholders.
      In GlaxoSmithKline Falls to Bottom of Good Governance Survey