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    2. Shaking up Board Oversight of CEOs

      Shaking up Board Oversight of CEOs
      New York City's public pension funds have pushed this year for independent board chairmen and chairwomen at several U.S. corporations, winning the shareholder vote at Netflix and obtaining an agreement at Wellpoint. Arguing that chief executives shouldn't also chair the boards responsible for CEO oversight, the funds proposed similar measures at Aetna, Johnson Controls, Mylan, Urban ...
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    3. Improving Board Governance: McKinsey Global Survey Results

      Improving Board Governance:  McKinsey Global Survey Results
      Board directors todayare more confident in their knowledge of the companies they serve and more strategic in their approach than they were in 2011, according to the latest McKinsey global survey on governance.1They say a greater portion of their boards time is now spent on strategy, while they are spending less time than before on MA. The share of time spent on strategy is even greater at private-company boards ...
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    4. CEO Term Limits: Good Soundbite -- Bad Idea

      CEO Term Limits: Good Soundbite -- Bad Idea
      The noise around CEO term limits is loud enough, and the debate contentious enough, I felt the topic worthy of practical examination.There?s no denying every chief executive has an expiration date. There should also be no argument that prudent planning should take place around the inevitable. But never should said date of expiry be arbitrarily defined - it should be made in the moment based on ...
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    5. Meeting Expectations of Board Governance

      Meeting Expectations of Board Governance
      In October and November 2012, Thomson Reuters Governance, Risk and Compliance Surveyed Company Secretaries and General Counsel Globally, to understand and benchmark the landscape of Board Behavior. Our focus included approaches to communications, security, strategic business intelligence and technology against an ever-changing regulatory environment and increased scrutiny.
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    6. Guest Post: Enron Redux – Have We Learned Anything?

      Guest Post: Enron Redux – Have We Learned Anything?
      Submitted by Sue McNamara and Bruce Corneil of Beutel Goodman , Greed; corporate arrogance; lobbying influence; excessive leverage; accounting tricks to hide debt; lack of transparency; off balance sheet obligations; mark to market accounting; short-term focus on profit to drive compensation; failure of corporate governance; as well as auditors, analysts, rating agencies and regulators who were ...
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    7. UK committee, investor body pushes City reform agenda

      LONDON (Reuters) - Separate groups of MPs and investors have set out ideas for a revamp of corporate governance standards in Britain, a year after a government-backed review criticised the short-termist culture of the City of London. Related Stories Facebook shares soar as users, mobile ads climb Asian stocks take a breather, dollar bounces GSK warns China corruption scandal will hit business ...
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    1. PwC's Center for Board Governance has an unmatched breadth and depth of expertise in governance that we apply for the benefit of companies and their shareholders, the capital markets and as part of PwC's commitment to quality.
      In PwC Names Mary Ann Cloyd to Lead its Center for Board Governance
    2. If you look at the modern thought process around board governance, the title of chair is not the key.
      Brian Moynihan in BofA CEO Calls Board Decision on Chairman ‘Right Thing To Do’
    3. We take our responsibilities with regard to corporate governance very seriously particularly in areas such as executive pay, board governance, employee diversity, audit management and relations with external stakeholders.
      In GlaxoSmithKline Falls to Bottom of Good Governance Survey