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  2. Quotes about Board Diversity

    1. Board diversity has been a goal at SeaSpine and we are pleased to be driving this initiative forward as we welcome two individuals of the caliber of Kim and Renee to our Board.
      In SeaSpine Appoints Kim Commins-Tzoumakas and Renee Gaeta to its Board of Directors
    2. We would like you to set out how you intend to make genuine progress to improving board diversity. We therefore ask you to set out what actions the board is taking to ensure that substantial progress is made to meet the Hampton-Alexander 2020 targets.
      In UK: FTSE 350 Firms Under Fire Over ‘unacceptable’ Lack of Female Directors
    3. The Thirty Percent Coalition's investor members combined influence continues to have a positive impact on increasing corporate board diversity.
      In The Thirty Percent Coalition Commends 38 New Companies Adding Women to their Boards of Directors during 2018 Adopt a Company Campaign