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    1. I, along with the rest of the board and the leadership team of The Vitamin Shoppe, want to thank Rick and Kate for their many years of dedicated service. Their insight and guidance as the Company evolved its board composition and reinvention strategies were invaluable.
      In Vitamin Shoppe (VSI) Appoints Tracy Dolgin and Alexander Smith to Board of Directors
    2. We regularly evaluate our Board composition to ensure it includes the appropriate skills, experience and perspectives necessary to drive growth for our shareholders. Cindy's appointment reinforces our responsiveness to focus on aligning Board talent with shareholder expectations, including refreshing 80% of our Board over the past five years.
      In Perma-Pipe International Holdings Announces the Appointment of Cynthia Boiter to its Board of ...
    3. Board composition, succession and continuity play an integral role in our long-term planning process, so we're pleased to welcome Lisa Flavin to our board of directors.
      In Caleres Elects Lisa Flavin to Board of Directors