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    1. We respect and understand Patrick's reasons for resigning and acknowledge his momentous achievement in taking Overstock from a startup twenty years ago to one of the nation's leading online retailers and positioning it at the forefront of the blockchain revolution.
      In Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne Resigns Following 'Deep State' Comments, Stock Rises
    2. IBM is really all in on blockchain. We take a look at sort of the history of blockchain ledger technologies. It started out with bitcoin, Ethereum, and IBM evaluated these particular blockchain technologies and found they were anonymous and permissionless and that many companies were looking for permissioned blockchain.
      In Peter LaMontagne Joins OGSystems Board of Directors
    3. We are very excited to have attracted someone of Holly's calibre to the board of Animoca Brands, Holly has co-founded, led and exited a billion dollar company and her advice and guidance will be essential as we drive growth in new areas of focus like blockchain gaming and AI.
      In Kabam Co-Founder Holly Liu Joins the Animoca Brands Board of Directors