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    2. Tronox Appoints Vanessa Guthrie and Stephen Jones to Board of Directors

      Tronox Appoints Vanessa Guthrie and Stephen Jones to Board of Directors
      STAMFORD, Conn.,March 28, 2019/PRNewswire/ -- Tronox Holdings plc (NYSE:TROX) ("Tronox" or the "Company"), a global mining and inorganic chemicals company, today announced it has completed its re-domiciliation to theUnited KingdomfromAustralia. The name of the new NYSE-listed parent company isTronox Holdings plc. Immediately upon completion of the re-domiciliation, the Company expanded its Board of Directors to ten members, accepted the retirement ofDaniel Blue, and appointed two new independent members ...
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    1. As part of our review of boards' gender diversity, we analyzed and compared the level of diversity in three markets: Australia, the UK and the US.
      In State Street Global Advisors Calls on 3500 Companies Representing More Than $30 Trillion in Market Capitalization to Increase Number of Women on Corporate Boards
    2. Total pay levels are higher in the Americas than in Europe & Australia or Asia, although a disproportionate share of total pay (91% for the CEO and 86% for the CFO) is tied to annual bonus and long-term incentives.
      In Incentive Pay Makes Top US CEOs and CFOs Best Paid in World, According to First-Ever Global 250 Compensation Survey
    3. Warren King is one of Australia's most informed and experienced advisers on Australian defense and acquisition policy.
      In Warren King Joins Northrop Grumman International Advisory Board