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    2. String of Firms That Imploded Have Something in Common: Ernst & Young Audited Them

      String of Firms That Imploded Have Something in Common: Ernst & Young Audited Them
      This year, $2 billion is missing at a German fintech company, $300 million of sales has been found to be fabricated at a Chinese coffee chain and $5 billion in undisclosed debt has been uncovered at two related companies listed in the U.K. Together, the incidents cost shareholders of the companies roughly $30 billion...
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    1. Corporate governance is not just about raising voice against event-based proposals, but also about routine developments such as the appointment of a director or an auditor. Institutional investors should have detailed voting policy norms.
      In Sebi urges IRDA to instruct insurers to help improve corporate governance
    2. Both the (CB&I legal) appeal and the independent auditor process are expected to be determined in 2017. CB&I will continue to defend its position vigorously in both processes.
      In Toshiba Flags Hit of 'billions of dollars' on U.S. Nuclear Acquisition
    3. In light of the apparent extent of GE's previously-undisclosed liabilities and accounting issues accompanied by unqualified reports by long-time auditor KPMG, a vote against this proposal is considered warranted.
      In GE Shareholders Urged to Kick KPMG to the Curb by ISS, Glass Lewis