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    1. Two dissident shareholders have opposed the distribution of dividends, while raising concerns on the overall board dynamics and oversight function of the audit committee.
      In Hyundai Home Shopping Rapped for 'Poor' Governance
    2. The board of directors of Helios and Matheson Analytics Inc. and the audit committee, following discussions with management, determined that the company's previously issued quarterly and year-to-date unaudited consolidated financial statements for September 30, 2018, should no longer be relied upon.
      In MoviePass' Parent Company Admits Investors Can't Rely on Some of its Previous Financial Statements, and Says it Underestimated Losses
    3. We are very pleased to have Theresa joining Sonoco's Board as she brings deep accounting, finance and governance experience to the Company. As a financial expert, she will be joining the Board's Audit Committee and will also be a member of the Employee and Public Responsibility Committee.
      In Theresa Drew Elected to Sonoco’s Board of Directors