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    2. The Activism Vulnerability Report | Q2 2022

      The Activism Vulnerability Report | Q2 2022
      With Labor Day marking the unofficial end of summer, FTI Consultings Activism and MA Solutions team welcomes readers to our eleventh edition of the quarterly Activism Vulnerability Report, which reports the results of our Activism Vulnerability Screener following 2Q22, plus other notable trends and themes in the world of shareholder activism...
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    1. In its latest annual report, AZ said it had engaged in
      In AstraZeneca Plots Search for Next Chairman
    2. You can look at an annual report and see some companies talk a lot about what would happen if the euro were to fail ... But just as important is what happens if you get hacked.
      In Investors Still in the Dark as Cyber Threat Grows
    3. Given that information relating to executive compensation programs, plans, and practices is already disclosed as part of the proxy statement, we believe an annual report is unnecessary.
      In Investors in AbbVie, Lilly, Amgen and More Set to Vote on Executive Pay, drug pricing