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    1. We have been focused on Anadarko for several years because we have long believed that we are ideally positioned to generate compelling value from a combination with them. We look forward to engaging immediately with Anadarko's Board and stakeholders to deliver this superior transaction.
      In Occidental's Bombshell Ups The Ante For Anadarko
    2. It is important to add new directors to Occidental's Board of Directors to oversee future extraordinary transactions like the Anadarko transaction and to ensure that they are not consummated without stockholder approval when appropriate.
      In Carl Icahn Steps up his Fight with Occidental over Anadarko Deal, Wants 4 Board Seats
    3. Having acknowledged that the Icahn Group's solicitation would divert management and board attention away from the very thing that is critical to long-term shareholder value – a successful integration of Anadarko – we believe that ISS' logic in supporting this first step is flawed.
      In Carl Icahn Wins ISS Support for Initial Step to Shake Up Occidental