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    1. Katy Perry is #1 on Twitter, So Why is the Board All Male?

      Katy Perry is #1 on Twitter, So Why is the Board All Male?
      Academic and tech entrepreneur Vivek Wadhwa and Twitter CEO Dick Costolo got into a highly-publicized spat last month after Wadhwa criticized Twitter for having an all-white male board and male chauvinistic thinking. Then, Costolo called Wadhwa the "Carrot Top" of academic sources.The two duked it out on, you guessed it, Twitter. And since then, Kara Swisher of All Things D,that Twitter is looking for a woman to join ...
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    2. Twitter Quietly Doubles Board Compensation

      Twitter Quietly Doubles Board Compensation
      On a day when much of the tech world was focused on Apples big Ipad announcement, complete with live-blogging updates likethis onefrom our friends at GigaOm, Twitter quietly filed its latestrevised S-1. The 512-page document was filed just three minutes before the SECs electronic window closed for the night and included several new disclosures, only one of which the tapping of a $1 billion credit line provided by Twitters lead ...
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