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    1. Shareholder spring could deter investors

      In its annual report considering the impact of corporate governance codes, Baroness Hogg said that while the spring had showed a greater willingness on the part of investors to challenge boards, "genuine stewardship" may suffer if "public confrontation becomes the default mode of engagement." Overall the report hails success over the last year, finding that 96% of FTSE 350 companies put all directors up for re-election every year, and the majority of these companies will have the effectiveness o

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    2. EC unveils corporate governance action plan

      The European Commission has announced its radical plans to encourage shareholder engagement and to make cross-border business easier Proposals published today are designed to increasing transparency on corporate governance issues, encouraging shareholder engagement and supporting growth. The plans follow the so-called "shareholder spring" where shareholder activism challenged executives remuneration at a number of top companies including Barcays and Citigroup. The EC suggests further improvement

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