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    1. Epic Sciences Names Board Member

      Epic Sciences Names Board Member

      San Diego-based Epic Sciences has named Gregory C. Critchfield to its board of directors, the company said this morning. Critchfield is the chairman, president and CEO of Sera Prognostics, and also has was previously President of Myriad Genetics. Epic Sciences is developing diagnostics products aimed at personalized treatment and management of cancer. The company's backers include RusnanoMedInvest (RMI), Arcus Ventures, Domain Associates, Roche Venture Fund, and Pfizer, among others...

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    2. Aerie Pharmaceuticals Bolsters Board

      Irvine-based Aerie Pharmaceuticals said today that it has named two new members of its board of directors. The company--which is developing treatments for glaucoma--said it has added Julie McHugh and Michael M. du Toit to its board. McHugh was previously COO of Endo Health Solutions, and also served as an executive at Nora Therapeutics, Johnson & Johnson, and Centocor, and sits on the boards of EPIRUS Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, Inc., New Xellia Group A/S, Trevena Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and ViroPharma, among other organizations. du Toit is President at Everyday Health, and also has served at Publicis Healthcare Communications Group, Digitas ...

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    3. Teledyne Names New Board Member

      Teledyne Names New Board Member

      Thousand Oaks-based Teledyne Technologies said this morning that it has added Bob Malone, the Executive Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of First Sonora Bancshares, to its board of directors. Malone was previously Executive Vice President of BP, and also had served as Chairman and President of BP America. Malone is currently also on the boards of Halliburton Company, Peabody Energy Corporation, First Sonora Bancshares, and INTERA Incorporate...

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