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    1. No 'options' left for independent directors on companies' boards

      No 'options' left for independent directors on companies' boards

      In a bid to address the concern that issue of stock options to independent directors might be causing conflict of interest and casting a cloud over their independence, the new Companies Act is set to end this practice. The new Bill, approved in the Lok Sabha and likely to be cleared by the Rajya Sabha early next year, categorically says an independent director will not be entitled to stock ...

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    2. Regulation necessary, but not enough for corp governance: JN Gupta

      Regulation necessary, but not enough for corp governance: JN Gupta

      Q&A with founder and managing director of Stakeholders Empowerment Services N Sundaresha Subramanian / New Delhi Dec 15, 2012, 12:36 IST Stakeholders Empowerment Services (SES) is the newest entrant in the Indian corporate governance space. But within a short period, it has been able to create a significant impact. The most notable achievement of SES was that it was able to get an overwhelming institutional investor response in a

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    3. Corporations pay a heavy price for secrecy and opaqueness in operations

      Corporations pay a heavy price for secrecy and opaqueness in operations

      Shourya Mandal / Dec 13, 2012, 00:29 IST There are quite a number of corporations in India and abroad that have excelled in incorporating the values of good governance. It is equally true that there are many companies across the world, which have “trust deficit” in complying with the norms of governance. And yet, there is an awareness to permeate good business practices in the global space. Sarbanes-Oxley Act 2002 of the US

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    4. As a small shareholder, your path to a company's board is blocked

      Navin Pandya wanted to join the Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) board as a representative of minority shareholders and had even sent letters to the company stating the provision for this under the Companies Act, 1956. Since his demand was rejected by the board, Pandya, a former junior officer in the company, raised the issue in the annual general meeting held last week.

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    5. Competition Commission order puts independent directors' role in spotlight

      Corporate governance structure through out the globe is converging towards the Anglo-Saxon model, in which independent directors occupy the pivotal position. The primary role of independent directors is to bring objectivity in the oversight function of the board of directors. They also bring varied and relevant, knowledge and experience in the board to enhance its effectiveness. The advisory ...

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    6. State urges PSUs to induct more independent directors

      BS Reporter / Kolkata/ Bhubaneswar Jul 17, 2012, 00:41 IST Public sector undertakings (PSUs) functioning in the state without the desired strength of independent directors on their boards have come under attack from the department of public enterprises (PE). Stating that induction of independent directors is a compulsion under the 'Corporate Governance Manual' of the state government, the PE department has urged the PSUs to complete the exerc

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    7. Should corporate governance be applicable to private companies?

      Investors opt for a private company structure as it has minimal compliances and disclosures Kumkum Sen / Jun 18, 2012, 00:19 IST The Adidas Group’s global acquisition of Reebok, which entailed the integration of Reebok’s Indian operations, was achieved in 2011. Reebok has been operating in India since 1991. With over 900 retail outlets in India, Reebok has operated exclusively on franchise models. It is assumed that one of the syner

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