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    1. Starboard Blasts Media General Merger Proposal

      Starboard Blasts Media General Merger Proposal

      Broadcast giant Media General (NYSE: MEG) got out of the print business, so it could focus on its television stations, yet if its $2.4 billion offer for Meredith (NYSE: MDP) goes through, it will be diving back into the written word, as the latter publishes magazines such as Better Homes & Gardens, Ladies Home Journal, and Martha Stewart Living...

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    2. Is Strategic Hotels & Resorts for Sale?

      Is Strategic Hotels & Resorts for Sale?

      Strategic Hotels & Resorts (NYSE: BEE) may be ready to check out of the stock market game. That is the upshot of a press release that the company put out last week, to the effect that the company's Board of Directors is now "exploring possible strategic alternatives for the Company" up to and including "the potential sale of the Company." Management did not provide much more detail than that...

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    3. It's Not Just K+S Directors Who Opppose Potash Bid

      It's Not Just K+S Directors Who Opppose Potash Bid

      It is understandable that the board of directors of German fertilizer and chemical specialist K+S would stand fast against the takeover attempt by Canadian rival PotashCorp (NYSE: POT), at least until it can pry a more lucrative offer out of the company. But investors themselves often support merger offers that management rejects, because stockholders see the opposition as an attempt to preserve their power base...

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    4. Toshiba Highlights the Need for Faster Corporate Reform in Japan

      Toshiba Highlights the Need for Faster Corporate Reform in Japan

      Under the broad Abenomics platform, Japan has announced the steps it will take to bring in outside directors to its insular companies. Unfortunately, the recent accounting scandal at Toshiba shows that this reform isn’t happening nearly fast enough. We’ll look at some of the questions raised by this scandal that are troubling signs of how far Japan has yet to go. An independent panel revealed that Toshiba overstated its profits by more than one billion dollars over a five-year period...

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    5. Justifications For High CEO Pay

      Justifications For High CEO Pay

      As the pay gap between the average American worker and chief executive officers of public companies becomes larger, people are questioning what’s behind this disparity and what drives the pay of CEOs. According to the AFL-CIO, a federation of labor organizations, for instance, the salary of a typical S&P 500 company CEO in 2014 was 373 times the salary of an average rank-and-file worker...

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    6. Strategies Activist Shareholders Follow

      Strategies Activist Shareholders Follow

      Activist shareholders, also called activist investors, are large-scale investors who use their investment power to influence public companies. While their goals can vary widely, the strategies activist shareholders use are generally similar. Activist shareholders look for opportunities to find and create market value in companies they perceive as poorly managed, or where an opportunity for growth exists and has yet to be exploited...

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