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    1. Media Prima again wins Asiamoney award for best corporate governance

      KUALA LUMPUR: Media Prima Bhd has once again emerged as the most outstanding Malaysian company with the best overall corporate governance as well as achieving high ranks in various categories in the latest Asiamoney Corporate Governance Poll 2012. The country's leading fully integrated media group received awards for best company for disclosure and transparency; responsibilities of management ...

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    2. Bursa Malaysia amends listing requirements - Business Times

      KUALA LUMPUR: Bursa Malaysia has amended the Main Market and ACE Market Listing Requirements (LR) to strengthen and enhance corporate governance (CG) practices of listed issuers. In a statement today, Bursa Malaysia said the amendments are in line with the recommendations made under the CG Blueprint 2011 and the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance 2012 (MCCG 2012) issued by the Securities Commission (SC). Its Chief Executive Officer, Datuk Tajuddin Atan, said the CG amendments will lead to th

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