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    1. Railroad Backs Off Proxy Fight

      Railroad Backs Off Proxy Fight

      Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd. backed away from a threatened proxy battle to unseat Norfolk Southern Corp. directors, opting to enlist the Virginia rail operator's shareholders to press the board for friendly merger talks. "We believe this shareholder resolution is the clearest, fairest approach to a process that will result in an outcome beneficial to all stakeholders," Canadian Pacific said in a statement on Tuesday...

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    2. Redstone Trust Looms Over Viacom And CBS

      Redstone Trust Looms Over Viacom And CBS

      After barely surviving a Boston hotel fire in 1979, Sumner Redstone was treated for his injuries at Massachusetts General Hospital. The media mogul showed his gratitude by donating millions of dollars to its burn unit. Mr. Redstone stepped down last week as chairman of CBS and Viacom, and the chief executives of those two companies slid into his role...

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    3. Viacom CEO Dauman Wins Power Struggle

      Viacom CEO Dauman Wins Power Struggle

      In the battle between media mogul Sumner Redstone's daughter and his longtime confidant, the confidant prevailed. Mr. Dauman was elected to the post at a Viacom board meeting. The lone dissenter, according to people familiar with the matter, was Mr. Redstone's daughter, Shari Redstone, who has had a tense relationship with Mr. Dauman over the years. But Ms. Redstone, once viewed as a potential successor to her father, didn't seek the chairmanship for herself, these people said...

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    4. Investors Gain Greater Clout Over Boards

      Investors Gain Greater Clout Over Boards

      American businesses are increasingly bowing to investors' demands for greater boardroom clout, with dozens of companies revising their bylaws in recent weeks ahead of this year's annual meetings. Proxy access, embraced by 117 U.S. companies during 2015, gives shareholders more power to oust directors and influence corporate strategy by letting them list competing board candidates on ballots for annual meetings...

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    5. Fifteen CEOs to Watch in 2016

      Fifteen CEOs to Watch in 2016

      The Brazilian-born head of the world's largest brewer faces a host of challenges. To complete the roughly $108 billion takeover of SABMiller PLC in the second half of the year, as planned, he must secure regulatory approval in South Africa, Europe and the U.S. He also must integrate the companies and cut $1.4 billion in costs. And he must do so while navigating challenges in AB InBev's biggest markets: Brazil, which is in recession, and the U.S., where beer-sales volumes are contracting...

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    6. Activists Display Lighter Touch

      Activists Display Lighter Touch

      Some of Wall Street's most aggressive investors are taking on a gentler role: friend to companies in transition. Activist hedge funds have made big bets on companies such as General Electric Co., Mondelez International Inc. and 21st Century Fox Inc. that have recently changed course via breakups or major cost cutting. Usually, it is the activists who push for such changes in hopes of boosting a company's stock...

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    7. ConAgra to Split in Two

      ConAgra to Split in Two

      ConAgra Foods Inc., which has responded to mounting challenges in the food sector with aggressive restructuring this year, unveiled Wednesday plans to split into two independent public companies. One of the companies is slated to house the consumer-brands business and will be renamed Conagra Brands Inc. while the second company will be named Lamb Weston and will spin off ConAgra's frozen potato products...

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