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    1. Marotta Steps Down as Berkshire CEO

      Marotta Steps Down as Berkshire CEO

      Richard Marotta has stepped down from his position as president and CEO of Berkshire Bank to “pursue new opportunities,” according to a statement released Monday by Berkshire Bank. The bank’s board of directors has named Senior Executive Vice President and chief operating officer Sean Gray as acting president and CEO for the bank’s holding company, Berkshire Hills Bancorp...

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    2. ‘LinkedIn for the Boardroom’ Launches Out Of Beta

      ‘LinkedIn for the Boardroom’ Launches Out Of Beta

      BoardProspects this week announced the release of its platform out of beta, with advanced search features and mobile device optimization. "As our online community continues to grow, we are encouraged by the diversity of our members and that public, private and non-profit corporations are becoming active on the site, searching for board candidates," CEO Mark Rogers said in a statement. "Our newest launch will enhance the experience for early BoardProspects users and assist new members in applying and recruiting candidates for boards."

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