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    1. Elliott Raises TIM Stake to 9.4% Ahead of Board Showdown

      Elliott Raises TIM Stake to 9.4% Ahead of Board Showdown

      Elliott raises TIM stake to 9.4% ahead of board showdown 16:21 CET | News Activist investor Elliott has increased its stake in Telecom Italia (TIM) from 8.8 to 9.4 percent ahead of another showdown with top shareholder Vivendi over how to run the operator. In an SEC filing announcing the investment, Elliott said TIM's shares are currently "undervalued and represent an attractive investment opportunity" after having plummeted nearly 40 percent over the past 12 months...

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    2. UK: Openreach Appoints Independent Board Members

      UK: Openreach Appoints Independent Board Members

      News BT Openreach has appointed Brendan Barber and Edward Astle as independent members to its newly formed board. Barber is the former general secretary of the Trades Union Congress and current chair of Acas, while Astle is a former board member of National Grid. Both attended the inaugural meeting of the Openreach board on 31 January. The board was chaired by Mike McTighe, who was appointed independent chairman of Openreach in December...

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    3. Turk Telekom's BoD creates corporate governance committee

      Thursday 18 October 2012 | 10:58 CET | News Turk Telekom's BoD decided to establish a corporate governance committee within the body of BoD that will perform the functions of Nomination Committee, Remuneration Committee and Committee for Early Inspection of Risks. An Audit Committee was also established according to the communique regarding the definition and enforcement of the Corporate Governance principles. It has been decided that the

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