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    1. Wells Fargo Names COO For Corporate Risk

      Wells Fargo Names COO For Corporate Risk

      Wells Fargo & Company announced that it has named Kate Clifford-Toomey as chief operating officer for Corporate Risk. Clifford-Toomey will start on September 3, reporting to Chief Risk Officer Mandy Norton. As COO, Clifford-Toomey will be responsible for coordinating risk operations, business architecture and strategy-related efforts across Corporate Risk functions, as well as managing the Risk Framework Office and Corporate Policy Office and working with the Board of Directors on governance requirements and expectations. “Kate brings strong risk management experience and expertise that will be beneficial as we continue to strengthen our risk management capabilities and rebuild trust with our stakeholders ...

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    2. CFOs Failing Their Boards In Fraud, Risk Management

      CFOs Failing Their Boards In Fraud, Risk Management

      Corporate treasury is now more strategic for the enterprise, meaning chief financial officers and treasurers must be close-knit with their organizations’ boards of directors. But new research from treasury management firm Kyriba suggests treasurers and CFOs are falling short in delivering on some of the top priorities of the corporate board...

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    3. AMEX’s CEO To Have Earned $370M Over The Past 17 Year

      AMEX’s CEO To Have Earned $370M Over The Past 17 Year

      Kenneth Chenault, the long-running chief executive at American Express, stands to have made more than $370 million during his years at the helm. According to a report in the Financial Times , citing data provided to the newspaper by Equilar, the pay consultancy firm, the longest-running CEO for a Dow Jones Industrial Average company will pocket $150 million in stock options and at least $104 million in shares...

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    4. Wells Fargo Could Add $200M+ To Legal Bill

      Wells Fargo Could Add $200M+ To Legal Bill

      Share Wells Fargo is still facing heat from last year’s fraudulent accounts scandal, as lawsuits against the financial firm are reportedly piling up. In the financial company’s quarterly filing released late last week, Wells reported that it expects that losses from legal actions could exceed provisions by an estimated $2 billion, up from the $1.8 billion the company reported a few months back...

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    5. Activist Investors Push OnDeck Acquisition

      Activist Investors Push OnDeck Acquisition

      When OnDeck completed its IPO in 2009, it entered the public markets with a massive amount of buzz , ending the day with a share price north of $20 dollars and a valuation around $1.9 billion. “We’ve been operating with the discipline of a public business,” noted OnDeck CEO Noah Breslow shortly after the IPO was completed, adding that OnDeck will double down on small business lending rather than diversifying into consumer, auto, or other types of lending, and calling OnDeck’s small business credit scoring system “our core competency.” OnDeck was part of a class of marketplace ...

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    6. Investor Complaint Filed Vs. T-Mobile

      Investor Complaint Filed Vs. T-Mobile

      Share T-Mobile has been targeted in an investor complaint, served last Wednesday (Nov. 23), tied to accounting and disclosure by the firm, Fortune reported. The investor, CtW Investment Group, an activist firm that is also union-backed, has requested that the Securities and Exchange Commission investigate the reporting behind T-Mobile’s nonstandard accounting efforts and also how it records and presents info tied to ...

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    7. Pier 1’s Fight With Activist Investors Is Escalating

      Pier 1’s Fight With Activist Investors Is Escalating

      The battle between Pier 1 Imports and hedge fund Alden Global Capital continues to roll forward with no immediate end in sight. Alden disclosed a 9.5 percent stake in Pier 1 last month and delivered a letter with an ultimatum: Either appoint Alden President Heath Freeman as “director to assist with CEO search” and the power to appoint board members, or the activist investor group will seek consent solicitation to replace members of the struggling home goods retailer’s board...

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    8. Salesforce Exec Leaving For Amazon

      Salesforce Exec Leaving For Amazon

      A prominent Salesforce exec is leaving the company for Amazon. 1 Share Share Amazon has picked up another high-level executive at the expense of Salesforce. Adam Bosworth, a tech executive with almost 30 years of experience working with big software companies, is leaving his role as executive vice president at Salesforce to take a senior position at Amazon Web Services, according to Fortune .....

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    9. How Financial Reform Challenges Corporations

      How Financial Reform Challenges Corporations

      Last week, reports emerged that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce uncovered the challenge businesses face in the wake of financial reforms and regulations, like Dodd-Frank. According to a survey conducted by the chamber, there arenegative effects of such legislative efforts, with businesses noting that they have been forced to increase prices ...

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