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    1. A Changed and Changing Executive Compensation Environment

      A Changed and Changing Executive Compensation Environment

      Compensation committee leaders identified several trends affecting their committees' work for the next few years, including broader and more frequent engagement with investors and a focus on improving public disclosures on compensation. Members also discussed changes to proxy advisory firm policy and how boards should engage with advisors. Jonathan Feigelson, TIAA-CREF managing director, general counsel, and head of governance, joined the dialogue.

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    2. Board Oversight of Risk: Three Focus Areas

      Board Oversight of Risk: Three Focus Areas

      Oversight of strategic planning and risk management remains at the forefront of board concerns. Indeed, the 2010, 2011, and the 2012 NACD Public Company Governance Surveys shows that “strategic planning and oversight” and “risk oversight” consistently rank among the top three highest board priorities.

      While specific risk issues, such as human capital, cyber-risks, or crisis response, may require specific operational risk management plans, strategic planning and risk oversight must be tightly linked to be truly effective. Below, we outline three focus areas for boards: risk-reward trade-offs inherent in the company’s strategy, the company’s risk appetite, and risk reporting ...

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    3. 2013 PE & VC IPO Sentiment Study

      2013 PE & VC IPO Sentiment Study

      PitchBook, an independent and impartial private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC) research firm, and NASDAQ OMX, the world’s largest exchange company, have partnered to conduct the 2013 PE & VC IPO Sentiment Study in order to get a better understanding of investment professionals’ outlook for the year ahead. This report utilizes data gathered from more than 130 respondents in the PE and VC industries, including investors, lenders, financial advisors, and attorneys.

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