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    1. Great Advice for Board Candidates (and Boards) By: Mark Rogers

      Great Advice for Board Candidates (and Boards) By: Mark Rogers

      Sometimes we are not fortunate enough to realize great advice until it is too late.  Several months ago I met a seasoned board member (of public, private and non-profit boards) and we had a long discussion about board of directors’ qualifications.  He provided me with a piece of advice that I’m sure many corporate board members wish they had before joining their board. 

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    2. The 70:20:10 Rule of Board Learning by Debra Beck

      The 70:20:10 Rule of Board Learning by Debra Beck

      One of the persistent - and frustrating - refrains of many conversations about nonprofit board development centers on the notion that, if we want more effective outcomes from our governing bodies, we must plop them down in a room with an expert for training. Yet if we expand our understanding of how adults learn, we open new opportunities to engage boards in meaningful learning that changes their practice. One of the more useful ideas emerging from that knowledge base is the 70:20:10 framework of learning, which draws on research about the role of informal adult learning.

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    3. A New Year's Resolution for Boards By Mark Rogers

      A New Year's Resolution for Boards By Mark Rogers

       This past year we saw the continuing trend of corporate governance scandals—-from the international market (e.g., Olympus), national (e.g., MF Global), and locally (e.g. Chelsea Housing Authority in Massachusetts). Although each such instance has its own particular facts and circumstances, there is a common thread that often runs through these scandals— a Board of Directors that for one reason or another, fails to take appropriate action. Unfortunately, we can expect 2012 to have their own list of corporate governance scandals. I would like to begin the new year by challenging all board members, regardless of the ...

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    4. Everyone Gets Rated By Leigh Tucker

      Everyone Gets Rated By Leigh Tucker

      Charity Navigator, one of the original and best-publicized guides to charitable giving, recently unveiled a new rating system, Charity Navigator 2.0.  The new system rates organizations on two levels – accountability and transparency.  This creates a system whereby organizations that do well on only one dimension, can’t do well overall. Ken Berger, the president and CEO of Charity Navigator, is expecting to be raked over the coals by those who either don’t do well under the new system (maybe some former four star rated organizations who are a tad too secretive) or those who see the new expectations ...

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