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    1. The Governance Intent-Reality Gap (Trap)

      The Governance Intent-Reality Gap (Trap)
      I have been conducting an in recent months--to supplement and information my doctoral research work--asking directors and managers about the importance of strategy, and the extent to which the Board of their company is involved in strategy formulation.
      The overwhelming majority of respondents to date have told me that the Board has a key role to play in [forming] strategy. However, after listening further and checking, I've discovered what appears to be a yawning gap between what respondents claim and what actually occurs in practice. Surprisingly few Boards actually spend much time on strategy at all. Rather, they concentrate ...
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    2. New Non-GAAP “Private Entity” Flexible Financial Reporting – Will This Work?

      New Non-GAAP “Private Entity” Flexible Financial Reporting – Will This Work?

      The AICPA has recently announced a financial reporting framework for what are called “private” or “small-” and “medium-sized” entities or businesses. Please click on the following link for the AICPA announcement, Click Here. Here is a link to an AICPA website page that provides guidance tools although the AICPA appears to disclaim responsibility or support for the tools, Click Here. And, if I am not mistaken, it has also been proposed that nonprofits might also be able to use the new flexible accounting approach – click the following link for the status of that proposal, Click Here.

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    3. No, GCs Should Not be on the Board

      No, GCs Should Not be on the Board

      A provocative headline recently topped a CorpCounsel.com story: “Should GCs Be on the Board? GCs Say Yes.”  This former GC says “no.”  In fact, the story presented a much more modest and qualified account of that issue in describing “The General Counsel Excellence Report 2013,” prepared by the news site Global Legal Post, in association with legal referral network TerraLex and based on a survey of 270 chief legal officers globally...

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    4. Google Stock Settlement May Not Do Much for Shareholders

      Google Stock Settlement May Not Do Much for Shareholders

      Google and its co-founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, settled a shareholder lawsuit earlier this summer that most likely clears the way for Google to issue new nonvoting Class C shares. The settlement perpetuates the co-founders’ control, which is good for them, but it may not do much for Google’s shareholders, the majority of whom voted to oppose the maneuver...

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    5. A Pyrrhic Victory for J.C. Penney

      A Pyrrhic Victory for J.C. Penney

      Ackman’s split with the company follows a contentious and public fight he had with other J.C. Penney board members regarding the direction of the company Ackman publicly disclosed that he wanted to have fellow directors move quicker on the replacement of interim Chief Executive Myron “Mike” Ullman.  In addition, he wanted to replace the board’s chairman, Tom Engibous.  As a result of these unusual disclosures of boardroom discussions, Ackman came under heavy criticism from other Penney directors and outsiders. 

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    6. Taking a Fresh Look at Corporate Governance

      Taking a Fresh Look at Corporate Governance

      Many boards today are trying to figure out if they have the proper skills and experience to guide their companies now and in the future. Each board needs to consider whether the backgrounds and experience of its existing directors are appropriate or if new skills are needed. Recently, some critics have been outspoken about their perception of deficiencies in the current state of board renewal...

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    7. New Threat to Shared Governance

      New Threat to Shared Governance

      A meeting between the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents and state legislators last week was designed mainly to find common ground in the wake of recent disputes over cash reserves. But discussions during the meeting about rethinking shared governance had some faculty feeling like they were left holding the bag for administrators' actions – and that their decision-making authority within the system was under threat...

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    8. Businesses’ focus on maximizing shareholder value has numerous costs

      Businesses’ focus on maximizing shareholder value has numerous costs

      In the recent history of management ideas, few have had a more profound — or pernicious — effect than the one that says corporations should be run in a manner that “maximizes shareholder value.”  Indeed, you could argue that much of what Americans perceive to be wrong with the economy these days — the slow growth and rising inequality; the recurring scandals; the wild swings from boom to bust; the inadequate investment in R&D, worker training and public goods — has its roots in this ideology.

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