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    1. Westfield State Feels a Donor's Wrath

      Westfield State Feels a Donor's Wrath

      THE BEST way for concerned alumni and supporters to hold university leaders accountable for irresponsible financial decisions is by withholding contributions. Westfield State University, which is under siege for its president’s lavish spending, is now feeling precisely that kind of sting. More than any internal investigation or state reprimand, a loss of donor funds hits a university where it hurts — and provides a potent reminder to administrators of the need to be careful when using university funds...

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    2. A Lesson for Boardroom Battles

      A Lesson for Boardroom Battles

      Proxy access may be dead in the United States, but it lives in Israel, to the great regret of Taro Pharmaceutical Industries.  Taro is facing a proxy battle involving two external directors nominated by the asset management firm BlueMountain Capital Management. While unfortunate for Taro, it all shows an alternative universe of what, for better or worse, could have happened had proxy access been in place in the United States...

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    3. Shareholders, Small-Town America Enemy No. 1?

      Shareholders, Small-Town America Enemy No. 1?

      Did greedy investors really destroy small-town America?  That's about the only conclusion one can draw from a Washington Post article last week recounting how Endicott, New York, where International Business Machines Corp. was founded and based for many years, was gutted as the company responded to shareholders who insisted on better investment returns...

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    4. Board or Bored?

      Board or Bored?

      As Baby Boomers contemplate retirement there is the inevitable question being contemplated-“what do I do next”?

      A recent CNBC segment referred to 2012 retirement planning as the “no huddle offense”.  Essentially there is a need to accelerate not only the economic preparation for retirement: but also the determinants as to how one would spend their time.


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    5. Activists Seek Short-Term Gain, Not Long-Term Value

      Activists Seek Short-Term Gain, Not Long-Term Value

      Activist investors are making waves in the stock market, but their game has changed. Instead of taking on sluggish, poorly managed businesses, they want to restructure many of the world’s most profitable, best-managed companies. Their targets — PepsiCo, Apple,TargetWhole FoodsProcter & Gamble, Kraft and Dell— represent the gold standard of corporate governance. These companies are run by highly engaged, professional leaders...

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    6. Preparing the Board Leaders of Tomorrow By Involving Youth in Governance Today

      Preparing the Board Leaders of Tomorrow By Involving Youth in Governance Today

      Do you ever wonder where tomorrow’s board leaders will come from? How they will be prepared? Whether they will be as dedicated as the leaders of today? Identifying, recruiting, and preparing board members for the future, has always been a considerable undertaking for many nonprofits...

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    7. The Role of the Board is Pretty Darn Clear

      The Role of the Board is Pretty Darn Clear

      Your board does corporate governance. That’s your board’s purpose.

      What is corporate governance? The process whereby a group of people (typically called a board) ensure the health and effectiveness of the organization.

      Corporate governance is a group process, a collective act. Corporate governance only happens when the board is together at its meetings.

      Every organization needs a job description for its board. And the job description is pretty much the same for every single nonprofit. And the job or role of the board is, essentially, the same for for-profit corporations, too. 

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    8. George Clooney & Sony: The Big Guns Work in Peacetime Too

      George Clooney & Sony: The Big Guns Work in Peacetime Too

      It’s not every day that a Hollywood celebrity wades into a fight between a major corporation and an activist hedge fund mogul. When one does get involved in matters of finance, it’s usually to back an activist agenda aimed at remediating labor abuses, alleviating environmental harm, or ending contributions to geopolitical strife. Last week, however, George Clooney stepped up big time for Sony management in its battle against activist investor Daniel Loeb, who controls a seven percent stake in the company and wants it to sell its entertainment arm.


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    9. Activist Investors: A Roar or a Bark?

      Activist Investors:  A Roar or a Bark?

      When it comes to activist investors, though, the situation is less clear-cut. On Wall Street, this breed of hedge-fund manager engenders extreme reactions. Some lionize them as intrepid champions of shareholders’ rights in the face of corporate ineptitude. Others accuse them of terrier-like aggression, snapping at executives’ heels with short-term demands that end up harming companies...

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    10. Governance and the Future of Detroit

      Governance and the Future of Detroit

      Detroit is one of my favorite cities in the United States. It is tough, salt of the earth, and marked by a special kind of beauty that reflects the pride, success, and progress of a time gone by. And, I love the energy displayed by Detroit’s deeply loyal citizens. Their unwavering commitment to their community garners my appreciation and respect...

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    11. You Won’t Find Her Leading at the Table

      You Won’t Find Her Leading at the Table

      With a nod to Scottish singer-songwriter Emeli Sandé —who broke a sales record this year with her debut album that The Beatles had held for nearly 50 years—we women continue to succeed as natural entrepreneurs and business talent in a wide array of fields and industries, and there is much hard data to back up what success looks like across individual accomplishment in small, middle and major markets. 

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      Mentions: Diversity
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