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    1. Who Owns Your Company? NMC investors in London are Finding Out the Hard Way

      Who Owns Your Company? NMC investors in London are Finding Out the Hard Way

      The crisis unfolding at NMC Health, the Middle East’s largest hospital operator, has reignited the debate about the governance of overseas companies listing in London. The mystery of NMC’s ownership structure deepened on Monday after founder and co-chairman Bavaguthu Raghuram Shetty quit the board of the FTSE 100-listed company over concerns that he misreported his stake...

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    2. The ‘Stakeholders’ vs. the People

      The ‘Stakeholders’ vs. the People

      Liberals claim they’re troubled by corporate power. So why are they working to expand it? ‘Stakeholder capitalism” is officially here. That’s the fashionable notion that companies should serve not only their shareholders, but also other interests and society at large. Last month Airbnb’s leaders announced a new mandate that the company “benefit all our stakeholders over the long term,” including through tying executive compensation to the company’s social goals...

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    3. 2020 Governance Outlook

      2020 Governance Outlook

      Today, the accelerating pace and intensifying complexity of change are creating a fundamentally different operating reality that is putting the competitiveness and governance of many businesses to the test. NACD’s most recent Public Company Governance Survey found that looking forward to 2020, directors are most concerned about the impact of growing business-model disruptions, the slowing global economy, increased competition for talent, changing cybersecurity threats, and rapid technology changes...

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    4. Four Things Every Compensation Committee Member Should Do

      Four Things Every Compensation Committee Member Should Do

      In my work with the compensation committees of boards of directors, as both an internal compensation expert as well as an external consultant, I've found that the most effective committees have certain qualities and behaviors in common. If you want to maximize your performance as a compensation committee member, here's my best advice...

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    5. Proxy Season Trends: Make Sure You're Ready for 2020

      Proxy Season Trends: Make Sure You're Ready for 2020

      With the 2020 proxy season around the corner, we have prepared a brief review of key corporate governance trends that can inform how you frame your company’s prior-year performance and objectives for the coming year. We focus on the top five trends gleaned from 2019 proxy statements to ensure our clients and other company leaders have the tools they need to successfully navigate this important regulatory terrain...

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    6. The Economics of Shareholder Proposal Rules

      The Economics of Shareholder Proposal Rules

      As I explain below, the Economic Analysis does not provide an acceptable basis for SEC rulemaking in this area. The Economic Analysis fails to adequately analyze the costs and benefits of the proposed rule, as well as its effects on efficiency, competition and capital formation; overlooks significant effects and issues; and does not use evidence that is available or could be obtained...

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    7. Goldman’s Nod to Diversity Draws Some Criticism

      Goldman’s Nod to Diversity Draws Some Criticism

      Might the investment bank's new policy to avoid IPOs of companies without at least one diverse board member not be quite as good as it looks? David McCann Goldman Sachs has gotten plenty of ink since last week, after CEO David Solomon said in Davos, Switzerland, that the investment bank won’t take a company public unless it has at least one woman or person of color on its board of directors. Most of the ink was positive . But there were exceptions that provided food for thought...

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