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    1. Uralkali Board Meeting Decisions /

      Uralkaliy OAO : 12/20/2012| 04:48am US/Eastern Following a meeting held on 20 December 2012, the Board of Directors (the "Board") of Uralkali (LSE: URKA), one of the world's largest potash producers, announced that it has taken the following decisions: * The Board approved the Company's budget for 2013. * The Board confirmed a new composition of the Appointments and Remuneration Committee, Investments and Development Committee, Audit Committee and Corporate Soc

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    2. A Stakeholder Approach to EU Corporate Governance – Waiting for Godot?

      A Stakeholder Approach to EU Corporate Governance – Waiting for Godot?

      20/12/2012 By Sigurt Vitols 3 Comments Sigurt Vitols Last week the European Commission published its long-awaited Action Plan on European Company Law and Corporate Governance. Given the direction the political winds are blowing these days in Brussels, the general thrust of the Action Plan should not be a surprise. Nevertheless, those hoping for a departure from the ‘shareholder value’ philosophy which has dominating the Comm

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    3. Shareholder spring could deter investors

      In its annual report considering the impact of corporate governance codes, Baroness Hogg said that while the spring had showed a greater willingness on the part of investors to challenge boards, "genuine stewardship" may suffer if "public confrontation becomes the default mode of engagement." Overall the report hails success over the last year, finding that 96% of FTSE 350 companies put all directors up for re-election every year, and the majority of these companies will have the effectiveness o

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    4. European Commission announces corporate governance proposals

      The European Commission (EC) has published plans to modernise the European framework for company law and corporate governance. The EC has identified three main focus areas: increasing transparency on corporate governance issues, encouraging shareholder engagement and supporting growth. The action plan suggests merging all major company law directives into a single instrument, to make EU company law more accessible and comprehensible and reduce the risk of future inconsistencies. The Institute of

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    5. Mediaset adopts the corporate governance code for listed

      Mediaset SpA : companies 12/18/2012| 01:33pm US/Eastern companies Mediaset informs that the Board of Directors has approved today the adoption of the Corporate Governance Code for Listed Companies, as issued in December 2011 by Corporate Governance Committee instituted at Borsa italiana and the forfeiture of the Code of the company. Mediaset will provide details about the enforcement

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    6. Social Media And The Boardroom - Media, Telecoms, IT and Entertainment

      The Conference Board and the Stanford University's Rock Center for Corporate Governance recently published its 2012 Social Media Survey, entitled "What Do Corporate Directors and Senior Managers Know about Social Media?" What is the bottom line from the survey of 180 senior executives and corporate directors of North American public and private companies? Senior executives and directors appreciate the power and the risk of social media. But they are not engaged from a governance perspective. The

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    7. Corporate Board Member and Equilar to Host Educational Forum for Compensation Committee Members

      NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Corporate Board Member, an NYSE Euronext Company, and Equilar Inc. are joining together to provide a first-in-class conference focusing on the most pressing compensation issues facing today’s public companies. The Compensation Committee Boot Camp will be held January 24-25 in Miami, Florida. The event will include a first-rate speaker line-up with many well-regarded ...

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    8. Panel of Experts to Discuss Corporate Governance and Proxy Disclosure Trends

      for 2013 LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--NIRI Los Angeles, in conjunction with the Society of Corporate Secretaries & Governance Professionals Southern California Chapter, are pleased to offer an educational program for investor relations professionals and corporate secretaries on Monday, January 7^th. A panel of governance experts will be discussing trends in corporate governance and disclosure for the upcoming 2013

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    9. Half FTSE350 firms fail to comply with governance code

      Half FTSE350 firms fail to comply with governance code

      Half of FTSE350 firms fail to comply with the UK corporate governance code, but more companies actively seek engagement with investors on governance issues than last year, Grant Thornton says. Other factors pointing to improving governance were cited. The report found that 5% of chairmen now "go out of their way" to emphasise the importance of value within companies to establish effective governance environments. Almost three quarters of firms actively seek engagement from investors on governanc

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    10. MTR Wins Triple Recognition for Excellence in

      MTR Corporation Limited : Corporate Management Practices 12/17/2012| 03:07am US/Eastern PR106/12 17 December 2012 Corporate Management Practices MTR Corporation's commitment to pursuing the highest standards in risk management and corporate governance has been recognised through a number of local awards and an international commendation. Following a recent benchmarking of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

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    11. Regulation necessary, but not enough for corp governance: JN Gupta

      Regulation necessary, but not enough for corp governance: JN Gupta

      Q&A with founder and managing director of Stakeholders Empowerment Services N Sundaresha Subramanian / New Delhi Dec 15, 2012, 12:36 IST Stakeholders Empowerment Services (SES) is the newest entrant in the Indian corporate governance space. But within a short period, it has been able to create a significant impact. The most notable achievement of SES was that it was able to get an overwhelming institutional investor response in a

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    12. Commission plans to modernise European company law and corporate

      Commission plans to modernise European company law and corporate

      governance The European Commission has today adopted an Action Plan outlining future initiatives in the areas of company law and corporate governance. European company law and corporate governance should make sure that companies are competitive and sustainable. The Commission's analysis and consultations over the last two years clearly indicate that further improvements can be made, by encouraging and facilitating long-ter

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    13. Infosys is number one for corporate governance: IR Global Rankings

      Infosys is number one for corporate governance: IR Global Rankings

      BANGALORE: Infosys today said it has been awarded the number one spot globally for its corporate governance practices by IR Global Rankings (IRGR). IRGR is the most comprehensive technical ranking system for investor relations websites, corporate governance practices and financial disclosure procedures, according to the Bangalore-headquartered company. The 14th annual edition of the IRGR saw participation from more than 280 companies from 45 countries this year. In the global technology sector,

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