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    1. NYSE Euronext Joins The UN Sustainable Stock Exchange Initiative

      NYSE Euronext Joins The UN Sustainable Stock Exchange Initiative

      NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--NYSE Euronext today announced that it has joined the United Nations’ Sustainable Stock Exchanges (SSE) initiative, which aims to explore how exchanges can work together with investors, regulators, and companies to enhance corporate transparency on Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) issues and encourage responsible long-term approaches to investment ...

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    2. Why Should My Company Care If Our Board Is Diverse?

      Why Should My Company Care If Our Board Is Diverse?

      Most companies have a great deal of difficulty getting gender and racial/ethnic diversity on their boards, even though the talent pipeline from those groups is growing. While 60.4 percent of master’s degrees went to women two years ago, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, and more than 15 percent went to Blacks and Latinos, the Fortune 500 is very low in board diversity.

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    3. Gulf Keystone's boardroom capitulation | Nils Pratley

      Gulf Keystone's boardroom capitulation | Nils Pratley

      M&G getting four non-exec director nominations accepted is a small but important triumph for shareholder activism Boardroom capitulations don't come much more complete. A week ago, Gulf Keystone was screaming that 5% shareholder M&G's four nominations as non-executive directors were not up to scratch and that one, Jeremy Asher, had been a "disruptive" presence during a past stint on the board ...

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    4. Board Oversight of Risk: Three Focus Areas

      Board Oversight of Risk: Three Focus Areas

      Oversight of strategic planning and risk management remains at the forefront of board concerns. Indeed, the 2010, 2011, and the 2012 NACD Public Company Governance Surveys shows that “strategic planning and oversight” and “risk oversight” consistently rank among the top three highest board priorities.

      While specific risk issues, such as human capital, cyber-risks, or crisis response, may require specific operational risk management plans, strategic planning and risk oversight must be tightly linked to be truly effective. Below, we outline three focus areas for boards: risk-reward trade-offs inherent in the company’s strategy, the company’s risk appetite, and risk reporting ...

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    5. Arm's chips are not down but growth is slow

      Arm's chips are not down but growth is slow

      Departure of chief executive Warren East, a slow second quarter and expected poor figures from Apple are prompting concern One key point of an investor day is for companies to see a share price reaction after attendees have pored over the presentations. On that basis, Arm's visit to the City in May was a success, since its shares certainly reacted. Sadly for the Cambridge-based chip designer ...

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    6. EADS set to reorganise, may change name to Airbus

      PARIS/BERLIN (Reuters) - EADS is set to reorganise some business units as part of a strategy review that could also see the European aerospace group change its name to Airbus, people familiar with the matter said on Thursday. Related Stories Aussie bank surfs U.S. energy wave as Wall St. rivals struggle Detroit files for bankruptcy, stage set for court fight Rush to beat tax means Japan home ...

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