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    1. Shoreline Energy Corp. Announces Changes to Board of Directors

      Shoreline Energy Corp. Announces Changes to Board of Directors

      CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - June 15, 2012) - Shoreline Energy Corp. (the "Company") (TSX:SEQ) is pleased to announce the election of Mr. Daniel (Dan) Long to the Board of Directors at the Company's annual meeting of shareholders held on June 14, 2012. Mr. Long replaces the Company's outgoing director, Mr. Peter Shippen. The Company wishes to thank Mr. Shippen for his service on the Board and ...

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    2. Microsoft Adds New Board Member

      Microsoft Corp. announced that John W. Thompson, chief executive officer of privately-held Virtual Instruments and former Chairman and CEO of Symantec Corp., was appointed to the company's board of directors, returning the board's size to 10 members. "John has extraordinary technology and business expertise, and we are delighted that he is joining Microsoft's board of directors," said Bill Gates, Microsoft chairman. Thompson currently serves as Chief Executive Officer of Virtual Instruments, a p

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    3. A New Diversity Monitor for the S.E.C. - NYTimes.com

      A New Diversity Monitor for the S.E.C. - NYTimes.com

      A New Diversity Monitor for the S.E.C. By KEVIN ROOSE Brendan Hoffman/Bloomberg News 8:52 a.m. | Updated A provision of the Dodd-Frank Act aimed at bringing more women and minorities to the male-dominated world of finance is moving one step closer to being implemented, after the Securities and Exchange Commission announced this week that it had named Pamela A. Gibbs to head its recently created Office of Minority and Women Inclusion. The provision, which was proposed by Representative Maxine

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    4. Google Names VMware Cofounder Diane Greene To Its Board

      Google Names VMware Cofounder Diane Greene To Its Board

      Google has just announced that it's named Diane B. Greene, a cofounder and longtime CEO of VMware, to its Board of Directors. Greene is also on Intuit's Board of Directors, where she serves on the Audit and Risk Committee and Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee as well. Greene was formerly President and CEO of VMware from 1998 through 2008, leading it to a $625 million acquisition by ...

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    5. Vertica Systems appoints Thompson to board

      Solar Energy Initiatives, Vertica Systems, and SouthWest Water Company all added to their boards. Jeff Cogen and Sean Henry were named CEO and COO, respectively, to the Nashville Predators. Craig B. Thompson was named CEO and president of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Acting chairman Doug Sabra stepped down at Forward Industries, Frank LaGrance Johnson will become chairman.
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    6. Time Inc. Appoints Griffin CEO

      Time Inc. announced that Jack Griffin will replace Ann Moore as CEO. The Blackstone Grooup announced Robert Galvin as the CEO of Equity Healthcare. Oscar Rodriguez has been appointed CEO of Extreme Networks, effective August 23, 2010. Carl E. Lakey was added to the board of directors at Delta Petroleum. Aleris International elected Rick Wagoner to its board of directors. Celsion, a biotechnology drug development company, appointed Robert W. Hooper to its board.

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