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    1. Question of The Week -- October 29, 2020

      Question of The Week -- October 29, 2020

      As outlined this past week by The Boston Globe, executives and board members at pharmaceutical companies involved in the development of Covid-19 vaccines have been amassing small fortunes during the past few months through the sale of stock they own in those companies -- benefiting from public speculation on the efficacy of such vaccines.  Although legally, on its face, there is nothing wrong with such sales, is it time for the SEC to take a closer look at placing restrictions on stock sales by insiders at pharmaceutical companies?

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    2. Question of The Week -- October 22, 2020

      Question of The Week -- October 22, 2020

      The Wall Street Journal reported this past week that 4 recent large financial scandals were all previously audited by Ernst & Young -- "While it wasn’t possible to pinpoint why EY has had so many recent audit clients with financial scandals, certain elements of EY’s business strategy might help explain the cluster of blowups. EY had ties with executives and board members at some of its troubled audit clients. In some cases, former EY partners sat on the companies’ boards, including on their audit committees."

      Should former Auditors (Partners & Senior Managers of CPA firms) NOT be permitted to serve on ...

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    3. Question of The Week

      Question of The Week

      "Overboarding" -- or serving on too many boards, continues to be a problem in corporate governance.  Not only does it potentially stretch a board member too thin in regard to their ability to provide the appropriate attention to a particular board, it also serves as an impediment to board refreshment.  What are appropriate limitations for service on multiple boards?

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    4. Question of The Week -- August 20, 2020

      Question of The Week -- August 20, 2020

      The average size of a corporate board in the U.S. is now 9.2 directors -- and that number has come down during the past decade.  As the decrease in the number of directors serves as an impediment to board refreshment and overall diversification, should NYSE and NASDAQ require a minimum board size (beyond the listing requirement that an Audit Committee have at least 3 members)?

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    5. Question of The Week

      Question of The Week

      Glass Lewis just announced it is opposing Liberty Global's $123M pay package for CEO Mike Fries -- noting that it is 4X the average compensation received by other executive officers.  However, despite Glass Lewis' comment that such pay inequity may be an indicator of "serious long-term" problems with company's board-level management and oversight, the proxy advisory firm is only voting against one director for compensation policy concerns.  Shouldn't this scrutiny fall upon all of the board members (regardless of whether or not they serve on the Compensation Committee)?

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