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    1. Boardroom Coup at Darden Demonstrates the Power of Activist Investing

      It wasn't just about the breadsticks -- but Jeffrey Smith and Starboard Value have engineered a truly amazing turnaround for the popular restaurant chain:  http://www.wsj.com/articles/activists-reap-olive-garden-bounty-1459902161.  With success stories such as this, the activist investor model will continue to flourish.

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    2. Should Viacom's Board Follow Redstone's Resignation?

      I'm curious about what the Members of BoardProspects think about the current situation at Viacom.  Now that Redstone has finally stepped-down as Chairman, should the rest of the board follow suit -- or at least the faction that was his voting block?  Take a look at my quote on the issue in this morning's L.A. Times:  


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    3. Twitter is Struggling -- Is It the Board or Dorsey?

      Twitter's stock has been in a nose-dive and now top executives are leaving the company.  Twitter is expected to name 2 new board members very soon. Do you think it is a board problem or a "Dorsey Problem"?  I believe both Dorsey and the board are at fault.  It was a mistake to bring back Dorsey and to allopw him to run 2 companies (Square and Twitter) at the same time.  It is a failed experiment.  What do you think?   



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    4. Reaction to Wall Street Journal Article on "Close Ties in the Boardroom"

      On Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal had a front page article discussing the pervasive problem of close ties on corporate boards (between board members and the executives they oversee).  This is certainly a major concern in terms of corporate governance, but I'm curious as to whether our Members believe this is a problem which will always endure regardless of continued efforts to break up the "old boys club".  Thoughts?

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    5. Is Ndamukong Suh Really the Best Board Candidate for Ballantyne?

      Is Ndamukong Suh Really the Best Board Candidate for Ballantyne?

      Does this make sense? What is Ballantyne's angle here? Celebrity endorsement? Can't they accomplish that outside of a board appointment. I'm not taking anything away from Ndamukong Suh. By all accounts he is a bright individual -- but his full-time job is as a football player. Is Ballantyne saying that Suh was the most qualified and needed perspective in their boardroom?

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