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    Proxy Advisory Firms Update Policies with Respect to Executive Compensation Delaware Supreme Court Reverses Dismissal of Caremark Claim, Finding Lack of Board-Level Oversight and Director Independence InterDigital (IDCC) Nominates Pierre-Yves Lesaicherre to Board of Directors Appointment of Martine Zimmermann as Independent Director to Inventiva’s Board of Directors SolarEdge Appoints New Director to Its Board PAE Appoints Mary M. Jackson and Delara Zarrabi to Board of Directors Sportradar Appoints Deirdre Bigley to Global Board of Directors Sanu Chadha Named to Board of Directors of First United Bank IES Holdings Appoints Elizabeth D. Leykum to its Board of Directors When Disclosure Is The Better Part of Valor: Lessons From The AT&T Regulation FD Enforcement Action GameStop CEO George Sherman to Step Down by End of July, Stock Jumps Former Flex Executive Paul Humphries Joins Westfall Technik's Board of Directors