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    Verastem directors buy $475K of stock, company set for potential pivotal trials Analyst:  Icahn May Urge Separation of CEO. Chairman Roles at Nuance Agios Scores Biogen CFO as Board Member Ariad's "Poison Pill" Plan Comes After Former Icahn Exec Buys Stake Ariad CEO to Retire Due to Pressure From Shareholders Cracker Barrel Old Country Store® Elects Gilbert Dávila to Board of Directors Lennox International Appoints Shane D. Wall to Board of Directors Vir Biotechnology Appoints Elliott Sigal, M.D., Ph.D. to Board of Directors Eileen Murray Elected to Guardian Board of Directors Wealthy Investors’ Growing Demand for Sustainability Suggests New Investment Trend Shareholder Sues Oracle Over Alleged Failure to Promote Diversity scPharmaceuticals Appoints Sara Bonstein to Board of Directors