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    Exxon's Board of Directors Vote Is a Sign of Eroding Investor Confidence A Top SoftBank Executive Wants $2 Billion in Pay. His Boss Disagrees. Sunworks Names Patrick C. McCullough to Board of Directors Lee Enterprises (LEE) Announces that Director Nomination Notice from Alden is Invalid Corporate Leadership: How the Chair of the Board Role Has Changed Roche Says Nestle Chairman Bulcke to Leave its Board of Directors Rakesh Sachdev Elected to Herc Holdings’ Board of Directors PotlatchDeltic Corporation Elects Anne L. Alonzo to Board of Directors Trane Technologies Names CEO Dave Regnery Chair Of The Board Chimera Appoints New Board Member Sandra Bell Qualys Appoints Bill Berutti to its Board of Directors 3D Systems Names Claudia Napal Drayton to Board of Directors