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    1. Silicon Valley and S&P 100: A Comparison of 2021 Proxy Season Results

      Silicon Valley and S&P 100: A Comparison of 2021 Proxy Season Results

      In the 2021 proxy season, 143 of the technology and life sciences companies included in the Fenwick – Bloomberg Law Silicon Valley 150 List (SV 150) and 99 of the companies in the Standard & Poor’s 100 (S&P 100) held annual meetings that typically included voting for the election of directors, ratifying the selection of auditors of the company’s financial statements and voting on executive officer compensation (“say-on-pay”). Annual meetings will often also include voting on ...

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    2. Public Company Guide—Planning for Shareholder Engagement

      Public Company Guide—Planning for Shareholder Engagement

      David A. Bell is partner, Ron C. Llewellyn is counsel, and Katherine K. Duncan is partner at Fenwick & West LLP. This post is based on a Fenwick memorandum by Mr. Bell, Mr. Llewellyn, Ms. Duncan, and Ran Ben-Tzur . Today, shareholders are increasingly demanding corporate accountability on a variety of issues, ranging from compensation and human capital management to governance and board diversity, among others...

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