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    Southern National Bancorp of Virginia, Inc. Announces Appointment of Deborah Diaz to its Board of Directors Grocery Outlet Holding Corp. Announces Appointments of Gail Moody-Byrd and María Fernanda Mejía to the Board of Directors ATSG Board Elects Two Directors NortonLifeLock Names Sherrese Smith and Emily Heath to Board of Directors Twitter VP Engineering Nick Caldwell Joins True Board of Directors Former U.S. Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson Joins Maxar’s Board of Directors SwanBio Therapeutics Appoints Alison Lawton to Board of Directors Marathon Patent Group Appoints Kevin A. DeNuccio to Board of Directors Terminix Adds David J. Frear to Its Board of Directors LendingClub Announces Transformation of its Board of Directors Office Depot Has Reportedly Rejected Staples' Offer to Buy it for $2.1 Billion Ken Denman, Technology Executive, Joins VMware Board of Directors