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    1. ESG Activists Are Calling for Greater Board Diversity

      ESG Activists Are Calling for Greater Board Diversity

      Companies are reconfiguring their businesses to obviate any fallout from potential liabilities through greater adherence toward environmental, social, and governance principles. As they prep, the issue of diversity could be a major sticking point. Investment demand has shown that the ESG theme is quickly gaining traction...

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    2. Positioning ESG Portfolios in the Next Administration

      Positioning ESG Portfolios in the Next Administration

      With a highly volatile political environment, investors are re-evaluating their portfolios, and rightfully so. But nowhere does this re-evaluation make more sense than in ESG. Strategies focused on environmental, social, and governance factors are likely to be affected not just by short-term economic implications, but the longer-term policy goals of a Biden administration...

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