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    1. Nissan CEO to Return Part of His Pay Following Audit

      Nissan CEO to Return Part of His Pay Following Audit

      Nissan Motor Co. Chief Executive Hiroto Saikawa on Thursday said he will return a portion of his performance-based pay, after Nissan auditors found that the amount was too high. The pay was in the form of stock appreciation rights, a cash payment linked to the increase in the price of the company’s shares over a period of time. Mr. Saikawa received a higher payment than he was entitled to, because the execution date of those rights was changed to a date when the share price was higher...

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    2. Irate Shareholders Force Nissan to Overhaul Board

      Irate Shareholders Force Nissan to Overhaul Board

      TOKYO-- Nissan Motor Co. shareholders voted to overhaul the company's board structure, a key goal of Chief Executive Hiroto Saikawa. Following a rowdy meeting where shareholders shouted at current board members, Nissan management and each other, the measure passed in large part due to the support of alliance partner Renault SA, which owns 43.4% of the Japanese company. Shareholders approved the creation of new board committees for executive compensation, audit matters and director nominations...

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