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    Are Corporations Really Afraid of Shareholder Proposals? Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Lost Bill Gates as a Director This Year. Here are its 14 Board Members Principal® Names Clare Stack Richer to Board of Directors OraSure Technologies Appoints Lelio Marmora to Board of Directors Wipro Limited Appoints Deepak M Satwalekar to its Board Marathon Partners Announces Its Reasons for Launching a Proxy Fight With e.l.f. Beauty GCP Applied Technologies Announces Preliminary Results of 2020 Annual Meeting of Stockholders and Reconstituted Board of Directors Adial Pharmaceuticals Appoints Dr. Jack Reich to Board of Directors StoneCo Ltd. Announces New Independent Member of Board of Directors and Audit Committee QOTW Myriad Genetics Appoints Daniel K. Spiegelman to the Board of Directors and Announces Upcoming Retirement of John T. Henderson, M.D. EnerSys Announces Changes to its Board of Directors